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Hi! My name is Maxim. I develop convenient, modern and minimalistic websites for solving business problems

> 10

years of experience


completed projects


Landing page — a web page whose main task is to collect contact information of the target audience. It is used to increase the effectiveness of advertising and increase the audience.
Сorporate website-the main task of which is to provide detailed information to a potential client. On the corporate website, you can describe your activities in detail.
An online store is a full-fledged analog of an offline store. it has a number of advantages. You do not need to pay for the rental of retail space, salary to sellers. Sales are conducted Online.
Vcard website — if you need to post brief information about your company and your services or post reviews and thank you letters from your customers, then vcard website is the perfect option.


Implemented project

Corporate site


Conceptual solution
for your comfort


Low-Cost server

E-Shop for the sale
of server hardware



Provides bankruptcy services
for individuals and legal entities.

All project

Development phase

An important stage at the beginning of development, you answer questions that will help me evaluate the project and create a technical task.

After I have information about you, your products, your services, and your competitors, I create mind-maps where I see your advantages that should be reflected on your site.

The most important and long stage in development, the success of the future project depends on the prototype. Schematically show where the sections, blocks and information will be located. In development, the main thing is the selling structure, design and chips are secondary issues.

I develop a design based on the selling prototype. Color solutions are coordinated with you. I create a design that is user-friendly, after visiting your site, the client will come back again and again. Design for PC version, Tablet and mobile version.

I make up the site quickly and adaptively. at this stage, you can already view your site using the technical link that I give you to coordinate the stage. Animation appears, adaptation - the site is almost ready.

If your site was supposed to have functionality, such as a personal account, integration, calculator, online store, CMS installation (WordPress, Bitrix, etc.), then at this stage I do it.

The site is tested several times for errors and shortcomings. in 99% of cases, testing is successful the first time.

I record videos on how to use the site, how to add / edit site content, add a product or delete it.

Along with the site access passwords, you will receive an introductory video, and I will send you an archive by email along with a copy of the site.

Work experience

I have been developing websites for more than 10 years,
and for my many years of experience,
I have developed websites for both small and large companies.

Every day I improve in web development and apply new proven technologies in my projects

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